NOPD searches for man who gunned down Good Samaritan

NOPD searches for man who gunned down Good Samaritan

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police identify the man they say shot a good samaritan as he tried to prevent a kidnapping. They're looking for 21-year-old Euric Cain, a man they say has a criminal record and should be considered armed and dangerous.

"We know who you are and you need to know we are going to find you," Mayor Mitch Landrieu said at a news conference Sunday.

New Orleans police say every resource possible is being used to locate Cain, the suspect in Friday morning's chilling attempted murder of a Tulane medical student.

"It is clear that this is a dangerous individual who doesn't value the lives of others," NOPD Supt. Michael Harrison said.

Surveillance video shows what unfolded after the med student witnessed a man, now identified as Cain, dragging a woman to his car. The med student gets out of his vehicle, near Magazine and St. Mary Streets, around 4 am, trying to help the woman, when Cain points the gun at him.

A witness to the shooting tells FOX 8, "I saw the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. I saw the guy fall and then I saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him, (what) looked like in the face a couple times."

The gun jammed. Then, Cain took off in an SUV. That vehicle was located Sunday morning in Central City.

Supt. Harrison says Euric Cain has a lengthy criminal record, explaining, "We know that Cain was last arrested on November 2nd for possession of a stolen cell phone that was taken in a carjacking in the first district."

Harrison is urging the public to help get the suspect off the streets, hoping a $12,500 Crimestoppers reward will entice a tipster.

"Someone knows who he is, someone knows where he is hiding," Harrison said.

Mayor Landrieu issues a warning to those helping Cain evade police, saying, "Anyone who harbors him is going to be arrested and you are going to be convicted to the fullest extent of the law, as well."

Once arrested, Cain will face charges of attempted first degree murder, second degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

The victim is in guarded condition at a hospital. His family released a statement Sunday thanking people for their concern, saying he continues to improve.

Although not originally from New Orleans, the family has deep ties to Tulane University.

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