SLIDESHOW: The smartest and dumbest states in America

SLIDESHOW: The smartest and dumbest states in America

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - States in the deep south have a reputation of being laid back and somewhat lax when it comes to education. However, some of the smartest and most powerful people come from the south.

Presidents, famous writers and iconic musicians call many southern states home.

But according to research, the stereotype about just how smart the south is could be true.

The Washington Post | The Fix reports Louisiana is one of the least intelligent states in the U.S. Several other states in the deep south are also at the bottom of the list.

This is necessarily hard to figure out, of course, given that "stupid" is inherently contextual and subjective. In order to figure out how smart each state was, we looked at objective measures we had at our disposal. Specifically:

Massachusetts is the smartest state and Hawaii is the dumbest state, according to the report.

See our slideshow to find out where your state fell on the list.

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