Neighbors consider moving after shooting at playground

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other community leaders are planning to meet at Bunny Friend playground Monday night in the Ninth Ward to address a shooting Sunday night that left 17 people injured.

We talked with residents who said something has to be done about the violence.

"it was crazy, it was pandemonium," said David Jones.

Jones couldn't even count how many shots he heard Sunday. He was at his home near the playground where hundreds of people had gathered for a block party and an impromptu music video shoot.

"I thought it was firecrackers, and we looked out on the porch and everybody was running all the way down the block and we couldn't believe it. I came down here to see what happened, just people laying on the ground, people who got shot, all laying on the ground," Jones said.

Now, Jones and other residents are asking for more police patrols in the area.

"After a second line, if you are going to have an after-party in the park, we should have at least, have more police presence around," Jones said.

Another neighbor we talked to who wasn't comfortable doing an on-camera interview showed us where a bullet went through her home while she and her family were inside. Another bullet shattered her truck windshield. Now they're considering moving.

Jones is also concerned for his family's safety.

"It could have not just been in this park, it could have been in somebody's house, they could have been outside the house, you know, you never know. The way crime is right now, man, you just got to protect yourself," Jones said.

Police were back out at the park Monday investigating, while others dropped by to offer support.

"I just wanted to come down here and make sure none of my kids got shot," former Bunny Friend football coach Deke Bonvillain said. "None of my coaches got shot. My son was crying this morning. He had his Bunny Friend jersey on. It's just a shame that this goes on, it's a playground, it's for kids."

Police are still looking for the subjects who opened fire Sunday night.

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