NOPD: Shooting appears to be gang-related

NOPD: Shooting appears to be gang-related

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police said they believe the Sunday shooting at Bunny Friend playground was gang-related, and despite the fact that there were hundreds of witnesses, very few are calling in tips.

"It was kinda chaos, chaos - a lot of stuff I saw I hope I never have to see again," said Freddie Thomas.

At around 6:15 p.m., several gunmen began firing at each other wounding 17 people at an unpermitted party.

"We know two groups fired  at each other. Casings were everywhere [and it] appears to be gang-related," said New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison.

Officials said very little information is coming forward, especially from those who may have cell phone video.

"People as a black community need to understand that black lives matter also. This is too far out of hand," said Ninth Ward resident Samantha Pierce.

The shooting was a major test for University Medical Center, which has been open for less than four months.

"The demands were great for any facility. We have nine that were brought in, and three drove themselves," said UMC Director Dr. Peter Deblieux said.

Of the 12 people brought to University Medical Center, eight were treated and released.

"There was kids out here, I was hoping kids would get out of the way," Pierce said.

Tulane Medical Center took in three patients, and all were released.

"Last night we went to the hospital, met with a 10-year-old boy," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu. "He was very brave. He said I want to join the Army, serve his country, as these other men wanted to do everything they could to destroy theirs."

As the police investigation continues, a community cries out for help.

"Parents are sitting around. Stop them if you know your child is out here committing hideous acts - stop them now," said Ninth Ward resident Samantha Pierce.

Of the four people still at UMC, three patients are in critical condition. Three others checked themselves into other hospitals. They've been treated and released.

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