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Baton Rouge bar to no longer use controversial hand stamp

(Source: Twitter) (Source: Twitter)

The owner of Reggie’s Bar near LSU says the bar will no longer use a hand stamp that some customers interpreted as a racial slur.

Bar employees stamp the hands of customers as they pay to get in. On some nights, the stamp says "REGGIN."  If you read the word backwards, it becomes a racial slur.

An African American female who visited the bar last week says she was offended by the stamp and posted an image of it to Twitter. The photo quickly spread on social media.

Bar owner Darren Adams says the bar rotates the use of various hand stamps each night.  Adams says the "REGGIN" stamp has been used since January 2009 and, until last week, he’d never had a complaint. "I never thought to read it backwards," Adams said. "We didn’t know it was offensive to some people but since we’ve found out it is, we’ve decided not to use it anymore."

Adams says the term is slang and is popular among LSU students. He said if you visit the neighboring Fred’s bar, for example, you would say that you were going "Freddin."

"I think people who look to find meaning in a particular thing will," he said. "I wonder if we’re still going to be able to serve gin."

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