Mayor Landrieu, Chief Harrison pray at site of mass shooting

Neighbors show solidarity after mass shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On Monday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and NOPD Chief Michael Harrison prayed with local pastors at the site of Sunday night's mass shooting. Members of the community heard new pleas for tips as police work to solve a crime that left 17 people injured.

T'yah Watkins, 11, is only a year older than the youngest victim of Sunday's shooting during a block party at Bunny Friend park.

"What if those were some of my friends that I go to school with, and what if they really could've got injured badly and I would've never seen them again?" Watkins said.

The 17 victims range in age from 10 to 37.

"I saw a lot of people running and running and running," resident Freddie Thomas said. "I saw people laying out in the street and in the park and all that with gunshot wounds."

"We as a community, in order for this to stop, have got to say enough is enough," Landrieu said.

Several hundred people were at the park when the gunshots rang out, but on Monday when Landrieu called on the community to show up for solidarity, only about 100 turned out.

"Where's our community? Where's our people? This is affecting us right now. Where are they?" resident Gina Jones asked.

"Yeah, people are scared, but they want peace, they want their communities to be safe. So I can't speak to why they're not here, but I'm grateful for the folks who were here." Harrison said.

Together they prayed as investigators hoped for tips on the rival gangs they believe are responsible for the bloodshed.

"Anybody with a conscience, please, listen to me, call Crimestoppers and give us any information you have," Harrison said.

Meanwhile, several community members said they won't back down to the violence.

"I've never witnessed that much gunfire in this community in my life," Thomas said.

They vowed to take back this park, and neighborhood.

While all of the victims are expected to recover from their injuries, Landrieu said one of them may never walk again. Police haven't yet determined how many gunmen opened fire, except to say it appears to be more than one.

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