Holiday shopping security increases

Holiday shopping security increases

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Local police aren't taking any chances as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

"The mall's gonna be open, and a lot of our other retailers, so you're gonna see a huge police presence, a lot of our retailers in addition to normal security procedures, we'll have off-duty officers working details at those locations as well," Lt. Brian McGregor, spokesperson for Kenner Police, said.

Some shoppers try to avoid certain areas during the holidays, in hopes of staying safe.

"I try to not park in the garage, because it's darker in the garage than outside, outside you have more daylight and you have people coming to their cars so they can see and have witnesses," Kim Harrison, who was shopping at Lakeside, said.

But Lakeside Mall will have increased security and supplement their details with Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

"We have our mall security and we keep those all throughout the mall, we will have them in our garage to help with security and Jefferson Parish is here as well and they are patrolling all over our campus," Claire Massey, the spokesperson for Lakeside Mall, said.

Police warn, even if you're inside the mall or store, you can still become a victim as thieves target credit cards and opened purses.

"You'd be surprised how quick, once that wallet gets snatched, before you even know it's missing, they could be at the Best Buy in Metairie, using your credit cards, so make sure that purse is close to you, make sure it's zipped closed that way no can take advantage of you," McGregor said.

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