Alert Kenner resident helps investigators track down missing packages

Alert Kenner resident helps investigators track down missing packages

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - The arrest of a man suspected of stealing packages delivered to people's doorsteps prompts Kenner police officers to remind holiday shoppers about the risks involved in not being home to receive packages.

According to our partners at|The Times-Picayune, investigators believe James Hawkins stole parcels from doorsteps of apartments in The Lakes of Chateau complex.

An alert resident help investigators identify Hawkins as a suspect. Investigators say a search of Hawkins' apartment resulted in the discovery of missing packages.

The packages contained clothing, accessories and prescription medication.

"We're going into the holidays when people are ordering a lot more stuff online. I'm sure you're going to see a lot more of it," said Lt. Brian McGregor, spokesman for the Kenner Police Department.

To prevent package theft, McGregor offers these tips:

-Choose a shipping option requiring a signature for delivery. Tell friends and family sending packages to you to do the same. Specify that only the person whose name is on the package sign for it.

-Obtain tracking information for packages ordered or those being shipped to you by friends and family. Keep an eye on the delivery status and know when to expect it so you can be home, or leave a note for the delivery person to leave the package with a neighbor.
-Leave special instructions where to deliver packages if you are not going to be home.

-If you know you can't be home, ship the package to another location, such as your office or the home of a neighbor or friend.
-Choose a "delivery pick-up" so delivery companies will hold your package rather than leave it on your doorstep.

-If you live in an apartment building, set up a way to have neighbors hold each other's packages rather than leave them in a common area.

-Insure your packages.

-Get to know delivery drivers carriers. Introduce yourself  and let them know if there has been a problem with stolen packages in your neighborhood.

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