Exclusive new video shows clearer picture of moments before Peter Gold shooting

Exclusive new video shows clearer picture of moments before Peter Gold shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On Wednesday, FOX 8 obtained new, chilling surveillance video of the shooting that injured Tulane medical student Peter Gold. The video shows what happened in the minutes leading up to the shooting, and the people who rushed to Gold's aid after hearing the gunshot.

"I think he saw her on Magazine, the corner of Magazine and St. Mary, and I think he circled the block and then parked on the side of the building and then went and got her and brought her back to the car," businessman Jada Sarsaur explained.

Sarsaur owns the cameras that took the footage. They give a clearer picture of what happened when a man police identify as Euric Cain tried to abduct a woman before shooting Peter Gold last Friday morning.

"While he's carrying her, he's trying to open the door [of his car]," Sarsaur said.

Before Cain can get the woman into his SUV, he rips the purse from her hands. Around that same time, Gold, who was driving along Magazine Street, stops his vehicle and runs over to the woman. Cain exits his SUV pointing his gun at Gold.

A nearby resident, whose identity we're concealing, watched the entire event unfold from his balcony.

"I heard a guy yelling, 'hey man, I told you I don't have any money,' and it was pretty loud, probably to catch the attention of somebody," the witness said.

Then, Cain opens fire.

"I saw him being shot in the stomach, and I also saw him kinda go to finish the job and I just closed my eyes, waiting for the sound - and I didn't hear anything," the witness said. "And when I opened my eyes again, he was still standing over him trying to kinda execute him, and thank God it didn't happen."

The video shows the gun jammed. Cain then takes off and Gold can be seen reaching for his phone before collapsing. Several minutes later, patrons of the Saint bar, run to help.

"After he was shot, there was someone with medical assistance and he was trying to help treat the wound as best he could," the witness said.

The woman, passed out on the sidewalk, comes to, and is seen trying to crawl over to Peter Gold.

"She was very disturbed and was screaming when she came to her senses and found out what was going on," the witness said.

After viewing his footage, Jada Sarsaur said he's most disturbed by the callousness with which the gunman operated, saying, "He didn't care about life or nothing at all. It was just shocking."

"I hope the law takes its course. It will. He most likely isn't going to see the light of day again. I think that works for me," the witness added.

Sarsaur said NOPD officers were pleased his cameras are so high quality. They were able to provide the first picture of Cain, which later helped detectives identify him.

Peter Gold, meanwhile, is in stable condition and improving at the hospital.

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