National Cake Day puts the icing on Thanksgiving

National Cake Day puts the icing on Thanksgiving

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On this Thanksgiving Day, you have one more reason to indulge in desserts. Today, November 26th, is also National Cake Day.

It is a dessert historians say dates back to ancient times.
The Oxford dictionary traces the actual  English word  "cake" to the 13th century with the word itself connected to a Viking origin from the old Norse word "kaka."

According to the food historians, Egyptians were among the first to show their baking skills; while the first round cakes with icing were baked in Europe sometime in the mid-17th century.

In modern times cake has become a favorite for millions of people across the U.S. You will find cakes at just about everyone's celebration regardless of the age and there are countless types of cakes now available at bakeries.

While they differ in flavors, they typically contain a combination of flour, sugar, eggs and butter or oil, with some variety of liquid which may be milk or water and other flavorings.

The web site list Red Velvet Cake and Black Forest Cake among the favorites cakes for Americans. But those are just two of the many flavors now available for cake lovers across the U-S.