Crime plaguing city not deterring tourists for busy weekend

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As tens of thousands gather downtown for Bayou Classic, security remains high on tourists priorities, but it's not their main concern.

"We just came here to have fun," California tourist Bryanna Borbolla said.

The city's recent violence has gained national attention, most notably the mass shooting a Bunny Friend Park and the Tulane Medical student shot while saving a woman.

For the most part, tourists do not seem too worried about becoming the next victim.

"If you're going to be here, have a good time and enjoy yourself," said Daniel Borbolla, a tourist visiting from California. "Be aware and be conscience of where you're going. Other than that it's going to be OK."

"Why would you not come?" Tony Evans, a tourist from St. Louis, said "It's not like there's riots in the streets or anything like that."

"Because we've had that in St. Louis," Mary Evans, Tony's wife, added.   
Many feel the same believing the threat of danger is relative. Morris Takemoto actually planned on spending their vacation in New York, but changed their plans because they felt safer in New Orleans.
"I think we came here more to make our family happy," Takemoto said. "Because of the ISIS threat. It's all in the news and they mentioned Time Square and we had a hotel room in Time Square booked."

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