Swat standoff ends in New Orleans East

NOPD: SWAT stand off in NO East ends peacefully

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A swat standoff came to an end Friday night, but not before a man is shot and an apartment complex is evacuated.

The standoff lasted a tense 5 hours. A NOPD swat team deployed, while tenants of a New Orleans East apartment complex were evacuated and Chef Menteur Highway was blocked off.

"All this crime and stuff in the city, you know, I know the cops is doing the best they can to analyze everything, you know, but I wish it could get better," said Jerry Honore whose brother lives at the apartment complex.

New Orleans police believe the suspect, who they identify as Lawshawn Dillon, may be mentally ill. He's accused of firing a gun inside his apartment, the bullet hit his 63-year-old neighbor in the back.

Police say Dillon then barricaded himself inside his home. That led to a standoff with authorities that started around noon.

Neighbors, some with young children, were frustrated as they waited outside for hours. "We tired, kids hungry, you know, they're taking forever to get in there," said a neighbor who chose to remain nameless. "I don't know what is taking them so long to do what they got to do, we tired."

Finally, just after 5 p.m., police say Dillon surrendered and neighbors were let back in their homes.

New Orleans police say Dillon will be charged with aggravated battery by shooting and aggravated assault.

The victim who was shot was taken to the hospital. We're told he's in stable condition.

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