City Council considers removal of Confederate monuments

City Council considers removal of Confederate monuments

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council introduced a first reading Tuesday regarding the removal of Confederate monuments across the city. On July 9, Mayor Mitch Landrieu formally requested that the council begin the legislative process to consider the removal of the monuments.

If passed, the ordinance would declare the monuments honoring Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, the Battle of Liberty Place, and PGT Beauregard nuisances. The ordinance would revoke the dedication of the Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee monuments, and remove them from outdoor public display.

In September, City Hall sent a letter to the council estimating the total cost of removing and transporting the monuments at $144,000.

Some oppose removing the monuments, saying they want proof that the monuments have become a public nuisance.

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