Deadly shootings at city's most-visited spots have people talking

Deadly shootings at city's most-visited spots have people talking

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There have been two deadly shootings in just a matter of days in some of New Orleans most-visited spots. Now, New Orleans Police are looking at new ways to fight crime as we move in to the busy holiday season.

Someone opened fire at Canal and South Rampart streets at around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, killing a 19-year-old. On Tuesday, the NOPD put more officers on Canal Street.

It's not hard to find those who have been affected by recent violence in the city. One local told us her friend was shot at Bunny Friend playground last month, when two groups of people opened fire there, injuring 17 people.

"She got paralyzed, it's really crazy out," said city resident Lashonda Alphonse. "They need to stop all this shooting and violence."

And on Bourbon Street over the weekend, 26-year-old Brandon Robinson was killed. Police released surveillance video of that shooting, and it shows a man punching Robinson and another man shooting him. We spoke with his co-worker, Joshua Hulbert.

"We lost a dear friend of mine," Hubert said. "It's been very, very horrible. The crime  got to stop."

We also talked with locals and tourists about the recent spike in shootings.

"I'm scared to walk down the street at night," said local Quiane Collins.

"We're getting ready to head in. I wouldn't want to be out here at like three in the morning," said tourist Deon Tarrant.

The NOPD is looking into new technology as a crime-fighting tool, as well as other methods.

"We're looking at drones, we're looking at lots of different things. It's a lot cheaper to put up a drone going up and down Bourbon Street then it is a helicopter riding up and down. We're going back to some old tactics like putting people up in balconies as spotters, using binoculars looking for individuals who are carrying weapons," said NOPD Commander Jeffrey Walls.

And as the NOPD increase patrols for events like a holiday balcony lighting in the French Quarter Tuesday night, those responsible for the deadly shootings on Bourbon and Canal Street are still at large.

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