FBI expert: Terrorism investigations happening in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Investigators are still uncovering clues following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, as the FBI reveals that Syed Farook, the man they say coordinated the attack, may have been in contact with more than one terror suspect on the FBI's radar.

Jim Bernazzani, a former FBI Special Agent in New Orleans, said those links were likely phone calls to someone the FBI was investigating - just one of hundreds of international terrorism investigations happening across the country.

"There are international terrorism investigations in all 50 states, to include Louisiana. The numbers are right around 1,000. That is somewhat daunting of a number," Bernazzani said.

Bernazzani said the FBI will sift through data now to see if there is anything that may explain what led Farook to radicalize.

"They're combing all the communications we have, all the intercepts, to see, one - if we missed something, or two - we didn't understand. Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together," Bernazzani said.

While the investigation continues, Bernazzani argues the staggering number of open investigations, including those in our backyard, shouldn't frighten the public, which can often be the FBI's greatest resource.

"No don't be worried, be vigilant. The best intelligence collection platform at the disposal of the United States is the American people. We have millions and millions and millions of pairs of eyes and ears, and if you see something don't sit on it, report it," Bernazzani said.

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