SLIDESHOW: The laziest city in each state

SLIDESHOW: The laziest city in each state

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Year is upon us. That means many people will make resolutions to lose weight and become more active.

Louisiana lets the good times, and high-calorie food, roll all of the time. The amount of parties and festivals, including Carnival Season early in the year, make it tough to find a balance between hedonism and health.

A recent study revealed Louisiana is the second fattest state in the U.S., with Opelousas the fattest city in the state.

Another study said New Orleans is the fifth "fattest and laziest" city in the country.

But what about just plain lazy?

Several metrics went into determining which city is the laziest in each state. The analysis and commentary website, 24/7 Wall St., looked at the level of physical activity in each metro area of all 50 states.

MSN used data from Country Health Rankings & Roadmaps to determine the percentage of adults in each metro area who say they do not exercise in their leisure time. They also used obesity rates and the amount of days someone feels physically unhealthy.

Education, household income, and population data came from the American Community Survey.

So, kickback on the couch and enjoy the slideshow. Mobile viewers can see the rankings here.

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