Sa'fyre Terry's Christmas Card Wish

Sa'fyre Terry's Christmas Card Wish

(WVUE) - A little girl from New York who survived disfiguring burns in a fire is having a pretty incredible Christmas, thanks to the generosity of thousands of strangers.

All Sa'fyre asked for this Christmas ... is Christmas cards.

When she and her aunt picked up their mail yesterday, the postmaster greeted them with a cart full of Christmas packages.

Two years ago in upstate New York, Sa'fyre's father and three siblings died in a fire that was ruled arson and that severely disfigured the 8-year-old.

To send Sa'fyre a card:

Sa'fyre Terry
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY

In addition to the cards, people have donated thousands of dollars to a fundraising account at

American Greetings is also sending messages of joy to Safyre for free. Just sign your name, and they will send on your behalf.