Monster drone could be answer to rogue pilots

Monster drone could be answer to rogue pilots

(WVUE) - Are you a drone enthusiast? There's nothing like the freedom of the sky and the aerial images a drone can capture.

Someone even promised drone pizza delivery, but I'm not sure what happened to that.

For all the good drones can do, anyone who's been on internet can also see the destruction this technology can cause when put in the wrong hands.


Seriously though, a recent report revealed a growing number of drones that are flying in places they do not belong.

The report released Friday said there have been more than 240 reports in the U.S. of drones nearly colliding with manned aircraft, including 28 times in which pilots had to veer out of the way.

For the most part, drone pilots are responsible. But how can you stop a rogue drone, especially if it's up to something nefarious? Animals won't do the trick.


But a law enforcement agency in Tokyo might have found the trick. They are testing what appears to be a DJI Spreading Wings 900 with a large 3x2 meter square of net tied to its feet.

When it spots a dangerous drone. It scoops and scores.

They hope to have a full fleet of 10 guarding significant government buildings by February.

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