St. Tammany police arrest teen for firing gun during weekend fight

St. Tammany police arrest teen for firing gun during weekend fight

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. Tammany Parish detectives have arrested a Covington teenager for firing a gun during a fight, that involved dozens of individuals. Kody McElveen, 18, was taken into custody Monday morning. The incident took place Saturday night near the intersection of Adair Street and Florida Street in the Mandeville area.

Police say that the incident stemmed from a failed drug transaction that occurred early last week. The failed transaction resulted in a fight with several individuals involved. During the incident, a gun was fired, but nobody was struck, according to police. Detectives also learned that nobody was significantly hurt during the fight.

St. Tammany school officials say as many as 20 students were involved in a fight before the shots were fired.

The shooting happened near the St. Tammany Trace, a trail many use for exercise and leisure activity.

"It's not worth shooting somebody or shooting innocent people or endangering innocent people that walk from that side to this side. It's ridiculous," north shore resident Chris Bayer said.

"High school kids with guns, I mean anybody with guns but high school kids especially, that's a scary thought," north shore resident Ryan Kunc said.

The investigation into the incident continues. Police say that no other arrest or summonses have yet been made or issued in connection with the incident, but future arrests are possible.

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