Jim Henderson's Commentary: What 1 win does for the fans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - As a Saints fan, you are enjoying a Monday like you haven't enjoyed in more than a month - 42 days, to be exact, since a Monday followed a Saints victory.

One week ago following a fourth straight loss, the prevailing sentiment was probably to blow this all up, maybe even to tank the final four games to secure a more favorable position in the draft.

Today that's been replaced by speculation about a sweep of the final four to avoid a losing season, to optimism about the young defense's future and the old quarterback's.

I thought Cleveland coach Mike Pettine put it best yesterday after his Browns beat the 49ers. Said Pettine: "When you win there's an overreaction.  When you lose, there's an overreaction. When you have a streak of either, there's a multiplier."

Look around the NFC South. In Tampa, they're disappointed after a loss. In Carolina they're rapturous after a 13th straight win. In Atlanta they're rupturus after a sixth straight loss.

Here we're feeling a whole lot better after a single win - a single win after four straight losses. While we should all be cautioned not to overreact in victory or defeat, with that reaction multiplied by a succession of either, we can't help ourselves.

And that's what makes all of us fans. That we care enough about a team to invest our hearts in the weekly outcome of a football game. We know we shouldn't, but we just can't help ourselves. The joy in victory so intoxicating that we are willing – reluctantly – to suffer through the morning-after hangover in defeat. Each multiplied by a streak of either.

The Saints streak is one. Not enough to blindly ignore the team's shortcomings, but just enough to focus on its potential. Nobody wants to hear that in defeat. In victory we are all more receptive.

Again, Mike Pettine: "Winning doesn't heal everything. But it helps."

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