Neighbors worried about safety after JPSO officer killed in truck

Neighbors worried about safety after JPSO officer killed in truck

TERRYTOWN, LA (WVUE) - The murder of a sheriff's office sergeant has Jefferson Parish deputies scrambling to track down leads. Somebody shot and killed Tracey Marshall, and with no suspects named, her neighbors in Terrytown say they're worried the gunman is still on the loose.

Inside her red Ford pick-up truck, investigators say 47 year old Tracey Marshall lost her life.

Neighbor Joland Butler recalls, "I heard the four shots and it went boom, boom, boom, boom like that."

The gunshots, heard by witnesses Sunday night but the discovery of the body, in an apartment parking lot on Ashley Drive, wasn't made until almost 10 Monday morning.

"A passerby notified the JPSO of a vehicle that appeared to have shattered glass and was able to see the hair of a female lying outside of that glass," Sheriff Newell Normand said.

Spent shell casings were found littered around the Ford. Sergeant Marshall, a 10 year veteran of the sheriff's department, was assigned to the courts as a bailiff. She lived in this apartment complex. Her murder; rocking this small community.

"We have never had any kind of shootings in this area," said one woman who didn't want to be identified.

Residents say the area is relatively quiet and safe. In fact, they can't remember any other time sheriff's deputies responded to an incident, let alone a murder

"I was really surprised, I could not believe that it was right outside my door," Myra Jefferson said.

The sheriff's office hasn't named any suspects, meaning for now, some like Jefferson, are keeping their guards up.

"It makes me feel very scared, very scared, I come in sometimes around 10, 11 but from now, I will be calling my husband to come and meet me if I do come in late," Jefferson commented.

The sheriff's office says it received reports of shots fired around 9:30 Sunday night but from the neighborhood behind where Marshall was found. They think Sunday night's rain and high winds may have played a role in the confusion about where the shots were coming from.

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