Nicondra: Gorgeous Saturday, but change is coming

Nicondra: Gorgeous Saturday, but change is coming

Saturday was magnificent with just enough chill in the air to keep us in the holiday spirit. Hopefully you were able to finish up most of your preps because things are going downhill. Sunday should still be fairly nice with dry conditions and early sun, but the clouds will move in by late in the day. Temperatures will also be a bit warmer. Saturday's highs were in the upper 50s. Sunday we will jump up about 10 degrees.

We should stay mostly dry Sunday, but the increasing moisture and a shift in the upper levels will bring on a rainy week ahead. Expect widespread shower coverage by Monday afternoon and heavy rain Tuesday and Wednesday. We do see improvements for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but unfortunately it does not look like we dry out. Instead rain coverage backs down to 30 to 40% with scattered showers throughout the day.

Nicondra Norwood

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