Family of slain NOPD officer gives back to community he served

Family of slain NOPD officer gives back to community he served

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The family of fallen NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway gathered at the Head Start Center on Desire Street in the heart of the district where he once patrolled.

"He used to take his uniform off and go into the neighborhood. Now that's he's gone, there's nobody to fill that void," said Anthony Williams, a relative of Officer. Holloway.

Holloway's relatives tried to fill that void with dozens of gifts for kids he once protected.

"I feel bad for him and I hope something happens so no other police officer gets killed," 9th Ward resident De'Shawn Favorite said.

Sunday marks exactly six months since Officer Holloway was shot and killed while transporting a defendant to Orleans Parish Prison.

"Missing him this holiday," said Holloway relative Tiffany Williams. "He would normally be here, passing a joke."

So the family formed Foundation 1708, Holloway's badge number, to keep his memory alive.

Travis Boys was arrested for murdering Holloway. Another officer, Wardell Johnson was arrested and fired for mishandling evidence in the case. The family awaits the trial.

"I believe justice will be taken care of," Tiffany Williams said.

While justice plays out, Holloways relatives try and turn their ordeal into a positive.

"There's too much bad news, its time for some good news," Anthony Williams said.

And the kids benefit.

"I want to tell them I'm sorry for their loss, and we really appreciate everything they did today," Erika Favorite said.

A family who gave so much finds a way to give more, in the spirit of the season.

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