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Drew Brees dealing with injured foot; could miss final two weeks of regular season

(Source: Mark Lagrange) (Source: Mark Lagrange)

All of a sudden, the final two weeks of the Saints regular season look a lot different. Drew Brees is dealing with a foot injury that could keep him out for the final two weeks of the season. 

Officially, he has a torn plantar fascia, but to simplify, the arch in Brees’ right foot is torn. 

How badly? No one but Brees knows but, it’s bad enough for coach Sean Payton to ponder shutting down his franchise quarterback for the final two games of the season.

Brees won’t speak on his injured foot until his scheduled press conference on Thursday. Payton will be asked about it a day earlier. Should we expect Payton to give an ‘update’ on Brees...probably not because he’s not required to.

But, according to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Lance Estrada, the kind of injury Brees has needs weeks of rest and rehab. In fact, Dr. Estrada said an early return could cause the injury to worsen.

So that’s something for Brees and Payton to think about as they approach this Sunday’s game against Jacksonville. To play or not to play Brees, for the good of the team short term and for the player long term.

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