New Orleans among booziest cities in U.S.

New Orleans among booziest cities in U.S.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - It's Christmas Eve and you need a last minute gift for a party or a friend. The only stores that are opened are supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations.

No problem.

You can stop at just about any one of those establishments and grab a bottle of booze - usually in a gift box.

Buying alcohol in New Orleans can be a culture shock for the uninitiated. It's sold 24 hours a day, on Sundays, and in just about any store where you would find milk.

Maybe that's why we landed on dating website's 2015 Booziest Cities list.

The website searched through its database, looking for profiles and seeing where singles say they "regularly" drink the most.

New Orleans is just one of the two Louisiana cities that made the list.

Check out our slideshow to see the top 10.

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