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IG: City could do better with collecting delinquent taxes

Ed Quatrevaux/FILE (FOX 8) Ed Quatrevaux/FILE (FOX 8)

The Office of Inspector General in New Orleans has released a new report to a delinquent property tax collection program.

It follows a report from 2013, which found the city paid its collections contractor too much money.

Wednesday's report shows the city implemented some changes in the program, but more changes are needed.

IG Ed Quatrevaux said some improvements include property auctions amounting in more than $12 million in sales.

The city was also able to collect money from delinquent accounts.

"The first tax sale was held in July of 2015 and in the weeks ahead of time the city collected an extra $1.2 million. These are people who saw that their property was going to go on auction if they did not come in and pay, so that is like a form of collecting it."

Quatrevaux said the city needs to get better in requesting detailed invoices from contractors before paying. 

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