Grab a glass... it's National Eggnog Day

Grab a glass... it's National Eggnog Day

(WVUE) - On this Christmas Eve, you have an extra reason to have a tall glass of eggnog as Thursday is National Eggnog Day.

It's a delicious drink among Americans, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
The much loved rich and creamy holiday drink is traditionally made with eggs, milk or cream, sugar, and often liquor, during the holidays.

While the origin of the beverage is often disputed, it is believed that it came to the U.S. from Britain in the 1700s.  As for the name "eggnog,"  it's believed the word "nog" is a reference to the wooden mugs once used to serve drink.

Outside the United States, you'll find other countries with drinks similar to eggnog during the Holiday season.

In Puerto Rico, they call it Coquito. It's similar to eggnog with the addition of coconut milk.

In the Caribbean islands, like Trinidad, they call it Punch de Creme and make it with a lot of rum, condensed milk and add Angostura Bitters and nutmeg.

Merry Christmas to all toasting with egg nog on this National Egg Nog Day.

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