A Bigfish Christmas Wish

A Bigfish Christmas Wish

(WVUE) - I heard someone say, Christmas gets in the way

of a sportsman's best time of year.

The thought didn't sit right, so I looked for insight

in a glass of holiday cheer.

Christmas and fishing aren't so far apart.

Don't wrinkle your brow at me.

Listen close to my words and the sounds of shorebirds

and in less than a minute, you'll see.

Both bring excitement for folks of all ages,

both stir a broad range of feelings.

Some dive in head first, others think they are cursed.

Are you starting to get what I'm dealing?

Now Christmas for me is not Christmas for you,

no different for those on a reel.

It is unique to us all, we each hear our own call.

Perhaps that explains the appeal

For all ages they both bring excitement,

the anticipation of what we might see.

Whether waiting for gifts or a bite that persists -

makes sense now, don't you agree?

This is a sportsman's best time of year

and Christmas should just make it better.

So look to enjoy, put up the decoy

and pull out the holiday sweater.

Focus on those who matter so much,

for me it's my wife and my daughters.

Relax for the day, in your own Christmas way,

for next week we'll get back on the water.

So Christmas and fishing aren't so far apart,

and your smile is convincingly pleasing.

The fish they can wait, for some other date -

Love is the lure of the season

I want to give you great fishing,

the hot spots, new tools and good bait.

So, Merry Christmas from me, Captain CT, team Bigfish and the folks at FOX 8.

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