Elderly couple robbed; car used for volunteer work, stolen

Elderly couple robbed; car used for volunteer work, stolen

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A 79-year-old and his 85-year-old companion are carjacked Saturday in front of their Uptown home.

One of the victims, who we're choosing not to identify, says, "They would've killed us, there's no doubt in my mind that both of them would've, if we didn't have money or something."

Police say two gunmen robbed the elderly couple Saturday night in front of their home, taking cash and the 2011 Buick they used as volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program.

"They were fast, they were just fast, fast talking saying, come on, come on, get out, get out the car," the female victim recalled.

The couple says they had guns pointed at their heads during the ordeal.

"The first thing they tell you, somebody has a gun to your head, whatever they want, take it," the 79-year-old said.

Neighbor Ben Staab says, "Thank goodness he wasn't hurt, thank goodness they didn't feel the need to get physically aggressive with him."

Johanna Darilek was also just returning home around 7:00 Saturday and noticed a couple of guys who looked out of place, wandering along Lowerline Street.

"I told my family, I was like, get in, get in, right off the bat, I just kind of detected something," Darilek said. "As soon as you're in the house you can just hear give me the money, give me the money."

The victims' neighbor says watching over her shoulder has become a way of life, even in a neighborhood considered safe.

Darilek says, "You just have to be cautious, anytime you get out of your car, anytime the lights get dark in the area, you just have to always watch."

Staab adds, "What makes me angry is that nothing is being done about it."

The victims say they're angry too.

"The thing that irritates me is, that morning I got two new tires," the man said.

But the couple realizes they're lucky the hold-up ended peacefully, saying, "Every night I thank God that he didn't kill us, yeah we look at it like a second chance on life really."

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