Unusual severe weather outbreak leaves residents reeling

Unusual severe weather outbreak leaves residents reeling

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - From record-breaking heat to deadly tornadoes, much of the country - including here in New Orleans - has been dealing with unusual severe weather.

Louisiana has been spared, for the most part. Nasty weather moved in overnight but only left minor damage. St. John Parish was dealing with power outages and downed power lines.

But, our neighboring Mississippi has been hit hard over the past week.

"We continue to remember the 10 lives that have been lost during the time of this storm. Unfortunately 10 Mississippians were lost," said Gov. Phil Bryant.  "We now believe there are roughly 233 homes that have received major damage or have been destroyed, a total of 463 homes have been damaged. Based on this assessment, we have requested that a FEMA preliminary damage assessment team come to the state of Mississippi."

FOX 8 meteorologist David Bernard says El Nino is to blame.

"We've now had seven straight days of reported tornadoes across the United States. That breaks the old record of six days in a row for the month of December. You have to go back to 1982. That's an important year because 1982, 1983 winter was also a powerful El Nino, and that's what's driving this. This El Nino is one of the stronger ones we've seen on record going back the past 50 years or so," said Bernard. "We haven't really seen the true El Nino pattern kick in yet this winter. It looks like we may be heading in that direction and typically when that happens, we see rainier days and also chillier days, not excessive cold but sort of a consistent coolness to the pattern as well as a stormier one."

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