Peralta attorney hopes new AG will have different opinion on cases

Peralta Attorney looks to meet with new Attorney General

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - The attorney for outgoing St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta is hoping that the new attorney general takes a new look at a case that's dragged on for more than a year.

Martin Regan said he has never defended a client who faces so many charges in so many different jurisdictions.

Peralta  faces felony indictments in three parishes in cases that arose from sexual assault allegations that have gone nowhere. His attorneys accused the attorney general of a political witch hunt, and tried to have the legal web untangled before Peralta's failed re-election bid.

"I'm disappointed. Just a beginning, we will try and get trial held as soon as possible," Regan said back in May.

He is now planning a meeting with newly elected AG Jeff Landry to try and revisit the cases.

"By reputation he's phenomenally honest and ethical. I'm hoping he will take another look at the evidence," Regan said.

"Every prosecutor or lawyer who gets a case has his own perspective on it. It's a good idea to go to the new guy and say, 'we have some problems with how your predecessor - who you ran against - handled it," said FOX 8 legal analyst Joseph P Raspanti.

Raspanti admits this case has been strange.

"I always had a bit of a problem with the way they were trying him in multiple jurisdictions, kinda forum shopping. They can easily consolidate in St Bernard," Raspanti said. "It was somewhat unfair to have to get Mr. Peralta to have to defend in three different parishes."

Peralta remains in office for two more weeks after being soundly defeated in November's elections. Among the charges he will face next year, are some that arose from a Baton Rouge grand jury.

"He gambled with campaign money and either misreported it, or didn't report it at all," said Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell in May of this year.

Peralta faces a complicated legal web, but the attorney general has wide latitude when it comes to consolidating cases, or even dropping charges.

"The attorney general can do what he wants," said Raspanti. "He could dismiss them all. He's got a lot of discretion as to where we go from here."

A spokesman for AG-elect Jeff Landry's transition team released the following statement:

"Attorney General-elect Jeff Landry assumes office on January 11th.  He does not have access to all files and will not be reviewing or commenting on these types of cases until then.

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