North shore father of 6 in need of organ transplant

Local father of 6 in need of organ transplant

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - Meet Darin Tassin, a husband and father of six from Covington. He's also in kidney failure.

"The doctors don't know exactly what it could be, they said it could be a genetic thing, we don't know," said Tassin, "I'll go through all this stuff just because of them, you know. If I had to be on the machine 10 hours, I would be on the machine 10 hours."

Tassin has to undergo dialysis treatments several hours a day, several times a week. He's also in need of a kidney transplant. Tassin was diagnosed in September 2013 when his wife, Danielle, was seven months pregnant with their sixth child.

"We don't really have anybody who is related to us that is able to give a kidney, so we have had to reach out beyond our circle," Danielle Tassin said. "We basically got the news that up to 10 years to basically get a transplant by the list."

Danielle knew they couldn't sit around and wait that long. So, last month she came up with a clever way to get the word out. And, you may  have seen it. They now drive around in the family car with a message on the back window that reads, "Dad of 6 needs kidney."

"I wrote on the back of the vehicle and people started taking pictures. They started going viral," Danielle said.

Danielle says they've already received 200 calls from people offering to help from as far away as the UK. But so far, it hasn't worked out. They know it's a lot to ask of a stranger.

"I would be very grateful for that person, you know. I'd love to meet them him or her whoever it is, and I'd like to have a relationship with them too, you know, and get to know them, you know, because they would be the person literally saving my life," Darin Tassin said.

For now, the Tassin family will keep hoping and praying that their message will reach the right person.

Darin has been unable to work since his diagnosis and has to do dialysis five days a week. Danielle is now his full-time caregiver. Click here for more information on how you can help.

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