Neighbors claim Orleans Parish inmates make vulgar 'cat-calls'

Neighbors claim Orleans Parish inmates make vulgar 'cat-calls' from jail

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Neighbors living near the newly designed and nearly completed Orleans Parish Prison claim inmates harass women daily as they pass by open windows.

"They stand in these windows screaming at people, cat-calling myself and other women, and at times are very vulgar about it," said one woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

Others in the neighborhood near S. Gayoso and S. Dupre streets said they have also seen the inmates shouting at women, and said the screaming can last into the night.

All of the neighbors declined to talk on the record.

One man said the shouting has been vulgar - inmates screaming to women about their looks, their clothing and making suggestive remarks.

The new prison design allows inmates to congregate near open windows and talk or shout at people walking on the street below. One man living nearby said his young daughters are sometimes subject to profanity directed toward them.

Several claimed to have reported the vulgarities to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. A spokesman with the sheriff's office would not say if the department has received any complaints, and would only say deputies are reviewing the video taken by a neighbor and provided to them by FOX 8.

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