Suppliers rush to stock Quarter bars, restaurants before weekend party

Suppliers rush deliveries to Quater businesses

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some people might call it the calm before the storm - especially in the heart of the French Quarter. Bourbon Street before the sun goes down this New Year's Eve 2015 is busy.

But not with people partying - it's the delivery trucks that line the Quarter's most famous street. From food trucks to beverage trucks and boxes and boxes of bar supplies, it's a mad dash to hit and stock every restaurant, bar and hotel.

"Hand Grenade mixes and glasses and all that stuff, you know?" said Al Lichtenstein with Manuel's Bar Supplies. "They'll go through all this stuff in two days."

"Well today is very hectic, and toward the end of the year we do the best that we can for our business to make sure things are taken care of," said Coke employee Tommie Dunn.

"We've basically doubled our staff this weekend, working a lot of hours," said Dave Wiebelt with Bayou Burger. "A lot of hamburgers. We're prepping at least 200 pounds of ground beef per day."

The city is also hosting Sugar Bowl fans. Ole Miss and Oklahoma State supporters are in for double the fun and couldn't be happier about ringing in a new year in New Orleans.

And no matter who wins the game, the city is really the biggest winner, ending 2015 strong and kicking off 2016 on a high note.

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