Hundreds of shells loaded onto barge for riverfront fireworks display

Hundreds of shells loaded onto barge for riverfront fireworks display

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "It's been pretty steady. Yesterday, it was on and off, but that was because of the weather. It's gotten a lot better today," says Tracy Haas.

People are stocking up at C's Fireworks stand in Gretna.

"This is the Black Cats right here. We've got a bunch of these Roman Candles and Sparklers for the babies," says Jermaine Turner.

"I think we are going to stay home and do it," says Troy McGowan.

Most people we talked to say they're spending a lot less than usual this year on fireworks.

"I spent like 80 bucks. Usually, it's about 300 dollar, but we are going to do it light," says McGowan.

If you want to watch a professional show, there's no better place to be than on the riverfront. It's where thousands are expected to line up tonight to watch a fireworks show from a barge in the river.

"This is a string of 10 shells," says  Ken Jones.

Ken Jones is from Atlanta. He'll be the guy who will pull the trigger on the computer wired show.

"I'm stressed out, and then when the first shell goes up and I see it breaks, I know we're good," says Jones.

Even with 16 years of experience shooting fireworks all over the country, he says this show is his favorite.

"A lot of shows that we go to, the audience is never close. You don't know if they really enjoyed it. Here, I'm blessed because I can actually hear the audience cheer and stuff," says Jones.

Hundreds of shells are being placed into tubes, and then wired into a system to create a spectacular show to ring in the new year.

"It's joy. It's art. A lot of people use a canvas to paint with. I use the sky. If I can put up something that makes people happy, then I feel good," says Jones.

Tonight's show will kick off at the stroke of midnight and last about 15 minutes.

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