Doctors warn of hover board injuries; LSU bans them

LSU bans 'hoverboards' from campus

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Children across Louisiana will be riding hover boards, but you won't see them on LSU's campus any time soon.

Despite their popularity, safety concerns led LSU to put the brakes on hover boards on campus.

"You name it, we're seeing it," said Granville Morse, M.D., Medical Director at MHM-Lakeview Urgent Care, who is also the Deputy Coroner for Jefferson Parish.

He knows firsthand how injuries can result from the hover boards. "We have the simple cuts and bruises when people just fall off, and have a minor injury and then you have the more severe injuries where people wind up with concussions, or lacerations to their scalps, or broken bones, dis-located joints," Dr. Morse stated.

With growing safety concerns, LSU is taking action by banning them, at least for now.

This week, the university's Department of Residential Life issued a statement about the devices.

"After consultation with LSU Risk Management and Safety, we have made the decision to prohibit the use, possession or storage of electronic skateboards including self-balancing boards/scooters and other similar equipment in all university-managed residence halls, apartments, and Greek houses, until safety standards for them have been adequately developed and implemented across all models," the statement reads in part.

A campus-wide ban will be on the way according to Ernie Ballard, Director of LSU's Media Relations.

"...We plan to issue a temporary ban when school starts until we know more about the dangers involved with charging and other issues they are having...and we will issue something before students come back from the break..." Ballard said in an email to FOX 8 News.

Doctor Morse believes users should wear protective gear.

"Absolutely, you want everyone in a helmet, you want them in elbow pads, wrist pad, knee pads and protecting as bad as you can, and that's good for any of your outdoor activities," Dr. Morse stated.

He said he sees a lot of injured grown-ups "who say, oh, let me try, or say watch this and the next thing you know their feet or up in the air and they're on the ground," he said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it has received dozens of reports of injuries from hospital emergency rooms.  It recommends the wearing of helmets and padding when using a hover board.

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