Reports put Sean Payton's future with the Saints in question

Reports put Sean Payton's future with the Saints in question

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Let the Splash Reports begin.  Check that, let the Splash Reports about Sean Payton continue because for weeks now, it's been a weekly thing. But, after today's game against the Atlanta Falcons, Payton's name could be on a number of teams' wish lists.

If you go by what's being said on Twitter, or on a number of national sports websites, then Payton's days in black and gold are numbered. Of course, we've yet to hear anything from the aforementioned Payton about his future, aside from what he's said in the past: That he's happy here, building a house here and wants to remain close to his kids.

But, with the turn of the calendar year, could come a change of direction for the saints. A meeting between Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis is reportedly going to happen tomorrow with Loomis giving Payton permission to pursue other opportunities, even though Payton's under contract with the Saints for two more seasons.

Two years, 16-million dollars owed to the most successful head coach in franchise history who has clearly lost some steam since missing an entire season because of the bounty suspension.

The Saints, under Payton, have missed the playoffs the last two seasons. As a franchise, they've missed the post season three-of-the-last-four years.

This team is closer to needing a total tear down than competing for a Super Bowl title. Which, raises the questions: Does Sean Payton want to build this team again? Do Tom Benson and Mickey Loomis want to start over again with Payton or someone else?

These are questions that Payton, Loomis and especially Benson have yet to answer.

But, if the reports of Loomis and Payton meeting tomorrow to discuss the head coach's future in New Orleans or elsewhere are true, then the writing will be on the wall for everyone to see.

Fox Sports Jay Glazer, who has a history of getting things right when it comes to Payton and is also a friend of the Saints head coach, reported today that Payton could stay if Loomis decides to make certain changes. He added that the Saints might decide to let Payton go if they can get the right kind of compensation.

One thing is for sure, with the NFL season winding down today, come Monday, there could be at least a half dozen teams with head coaching vacancies. The Colts, Giants, Dolphins, 49ers and others are all expect to make a change at the top. Some, like the Colts and Dolphins had be mentioned in the Sean Payton sweepstakes weeks ago.

Question is, which team, the Saints included, will have the winning ticket.

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