New video shows driver's side of car in fatal hit-and-run

Investigators continue to review footage

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The family of a 28-year-old killed in a hit-and-run early on New Year's Day remember Josh Woodruff as a kind, gentle soul. NOPD investigators are pleading with the public for help as they try to figure out who committed the crime.

"We haven't been able to basically analyze that license plate as of yet," NOPD Lt. Anthony Micheu said Tuesday morning.

New surveillance video, provided to FOX 8 Tuesday night by a French Quarter homeowner who said they were never contacted by police, gives another look at the black sedan police believe may have hit Woodruff around 3 a.m.

"The individual was trying to flag down an Uber driver that he had contacted through the course of post celebration," Micheu explained.

The accident happened near Dumaine and Decatur streets. Witnesses told police that Woodruff had just stepped off the crosswalk. He was then dragged about 6 miles to the West Bank.

In a phone interview from their home in Omaha, Woodruff's parents described their Harvard-educated son as a friend to all. They also spoke of his love for his family.

Caren Woodruff said, "We forgive whoever did this to Josh, as hard as that is, we forgive them."

Woodruff's sister, Heather, said her brother had a deep faith and was very spiritual.

"Josh was so unique because he was both the most fun person in the room, but also the person who was best at getting people to talk about the hard issues, to go deep," she said.

Despite viewing 50 surveillance videos along the route they believe the car took, investigators are having a difficult time determining who owns the black sedan.

"We are in contact with body shops, and they are aware, and people will call us if they find a four-door black sedan," Micheu said.

The Woodruff family prays police can solve the crime, quickly.

Caren Woodruf said, "No one else should have to live through this. Whoever was behind the wheel, does not deserve to be behind the wheel."

They also want to protect the public from someone they say had no regard for human life.

Both the police and Woodruff's family urge the driver to surrender to police.

Woodruff was in New Orleans, visiting for New Year's from Los Angeles, where he worked.

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