Man pretends to be customer, robs barber shop at gunpoint

Man pretends to be customer, robs barber shop at gunpoint

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Customers knock on the door of the barber shop in the 2700 block of Orleans Avenue every day - because the doors are locked. So when a knock came Tuesday around 2:30 p.m., the barber and his brother inside didn't think much about opening the door.

"I let him in thinking he wanted a haircut. He asked me, 'do you cut hair?' I said, no, my brother does and he's right there," the victim said.

They said within seconds, the man pulled out a gun.

"He pointed a gun at my little brother and told him to get down. I didn't want to make any sudden moves. He told me to get down and then he hit me on the back of my head," the victim said.

After being hit, the barber said he got down on the ground, and the gunman started going through his pockets.

"He took everything, you know? He asked for my phone," the victim said. "He took my money, and then went through my little brother's pocket and took his money as he was leaving. He kept asking for my keys."

The barber said the robber asked specifically for keys to his truck. The keys, though, were in the pocket of his coat, which was hanging up in the back of the store. When the barber told the robber where they were, the gunman hit him over the head again.

"He hit me because he thought I was lying about my keys," the victim said.

They said the gunman threatened them before leaving.

"Yeah, 'I dare you to look at me.' I didn't want to look at him because they don't care. They don't care," the victim said.

Both victims say they feared for their lives, not knowing what the young robber might do.

"When my mom and sister came, the first thing I did was hug them, because it could have been two dead bodies in here," the victim said.

If you know anything that could help police solve this case, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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