Lines are long as Powerball hopefuls rush to get tickets

Lines are long as Powerball hopefuls rush to get tickets

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Someone could become rich to the tune of nearly $500 million.

FOX 8 stopped by a Powerball retailer Wednesday, where the tickets were selling fast. Every time a big jackpot is up for grabs there are a lot of casual players who jump into the game.

The staff at the Brother's on Jefferson Davis Parkway said the lunch crowd was nothing - it's later in the day when things really heat up.

"It gets really busy," clerk Sara Alssoor said. "Like a lot of people have their own numbers, and it gets really busy and the lines are all the way down."

Most people buying tickets already have big dreams for what they'd do with the money, but there are some folks whose first thought is to give back.

"I always promised my mother that if I won the lottery, half was going straight to Children's Hospital," said Michael Manina. "That's a lot of money. How much money do you need?"

Wednesday's jackpot is one of the largest from Powerball, and there are a lot of people hoping for those winning numbers. Live Powerball drawings can be seen on FOX 8 every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 p.m.

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