Comic book, science fiction lovers flock to New Orleans Comic Con

Comic book, science fiction lovers flock to New Orleans Comic Con

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Costumed characters invade New Orleans for Wizard World's Comic Con.

Super heroes, movie characters and celebrities collided inside the Convention Center Saturday.

"It took me eight hours to get here and it was totally worth it," one attendee from Alabama said.

This is the place where comic book lovers can let their inner kid out.

Jordan Dubois explains his costume, saying, "I'm night wing from the movie Young Justice. It's like a version of Robin I guess."

When asked if he's here to save the day, Dubois says, "Always."

Jennifer Greeley decided to don a new mode of transportation; roller skates!

Even the smallest attendees got in the spirit for Comic Con, with a little help from mom and dad.

Six-year-old Faren Boudreaux dressed up as Marty McFly.

When asked why, she replied, "Because my dad wanted me to."

Lots of hours were put into the making of these costumes and figuring out how to wear them.

One man, decked out head to toe armor says, "First time I put it on it was about an hour and then I learned to put on all the pieces by myself but I have to have somebody walk with me because I can only see about this high."

It's a sacrifice well worth it, judging by the number of people lined up to get a photo with him.

Organizers say the crowd at the comic con in New Orleans rivals that of other major cities. Vendors say, of course, this one is the most fun!

"As compared to San Diego and New York it has its own flair," one vendor commented.

It proves to be profitable too. Many believe beautiful weather this weekend helped draw people out.

Above all, fans of comic books and science fiction say this is a place where everyone is welcome.

"You can just be a geek and get away with it. You know like in school they make fun of you for being a geek and a nerd but right here, we all blend in," said one man.

And have a great time doing it!


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