Accused Bourbon St. shooter writes about a 'sin' just days after the shooting

Accused Bourbon St. shooter writes about a 'sin' just days after the shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - In a packed courtroom at Criminal District Court, the accused Bourbon St. shooter, Trung Le remained silent and listened as several shooting victims took the stand.

One by one, they described their experience of being shot and the affect it had on their lives.

One of the victims, a tourist who had been shot in the leg, started to cry as he testified, "It's painful, and emotional, and physically upsetting. I don't go to activities with my kids anymore."

None of the victims, though, testified about who shot them.

Le, 22, is charged with manslaughter and attempted second degree murder from the June 2014 shooting on Bourbon St.

One person, nursing student Brittany Thomas, died. Nine others were injured.

Defense attorney, Martin Regan maintains his client acted in self-defense when another shooter, who hasn't been caught by police, initiated the shooting.

"The shooter, the unknown shooter, walks down the street in the middle of Bourbon St. He walks back to these people. He then cocks the gun and says, I got a 40 for you. He then backs up and points a gun at their heads," Regan said.

Regan, today, told the jury, "If it wasn't for Trung Le, the whole group would have gotten bullets to their face."

The prosecutor, though, says Le had been summoned to Bourbon St. that night by his friends who two hours earlier had been robbed of some marijuana.

She said when the same man came walking down Bourbon St. that night, Le's friend pointed him out and the confrontation began.

During opening statements, the prosecutor told the jurors that after Le was captured by U.S. Marshals in Mississippi, they recovered his cell phone.

She said they found a note on Le's iPhone that was written just a day or two after the shooting.

She says it said, " I have committed the worst sin possible and for what I have done I should burn in hell."

Several videos taken from Bourbon St. that night were already shown in court. Both sides says the video will play a major role in this trial.

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