What should you do if you win tonight's Powerball jackpot?

What should you do if you win tonight's Powerball jackpot?

(WVUE) - Even though the Powerball jackpot, currently estimated at $1.5 billion, is still growing you only have a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning it.

But if you did win, what would you do?

A lot of people out there may be wondering, if I win, where do I go to get my money?

According to louisianalottery.com, any prize under $600 can be claimed at the retailer, more than $600 must be claimed at a lottery office, the headquarters or by mail.

You're going to need your social security number and photo identification.

For the Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto jackpots and prizes over $510,000, you can only claim them at lottery headquarters, and in Louisiana you cannot remain anonymous. Winning a Powerball jackpot is matter of public record in Louisiana.

If you win, you want to sign the back of your ticket, treat it like cash, and call the headquarters immediately.

If your chances of winning have you down, here's some news you may find refreshing.

Louisiana has had a total of 15 Powerball jackpot winners since joining the game back in 1995. The latest winner was in 2013 when a $50 million prize was split between three winning tickets sold in Louisiana, Florida and Delaware.

Head to www.louisianalottery.com for more information.

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