Emotional mother testifies in Bourbon St. shooting trial

Emotional mother testifies in Bourbon St. shooting trial

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A very emotional Wednesday at Orleans Parish Criminal District Court in the trial of accused Bourbon St. shooter Trung Le.

Several shooting victims took the stand, some of them breaking out into tears. Le, 22, is charged with manslaughter and attempted second-degree murder stemming from the June 2014 shooting on Bourbon St.

One person, nursing student Britney Thomas was killed in nine others were shot. Defense attorney Martin Reagan says Le was only acting in self-defense with another man, who police have not caught, walked up to triangle he and his friends with a gun.

Prosecutors, though, say Lee was called down to Bourbon St. that night after his friends were robbed of some marijuana. They say Le showed up with a gun.

One of the victims, who took a bullet to her jaw took the stand this morning.

"I just felt a lot of heat and pain. There was fluid in my mouth. It was warm. I decided to spit it out and it was all blood and teeth," she said.

She later cried on the stand saying, "It affected my life massively. I was on medication to help me sleep and even just to make it through the day."

The mother of the nursing student who was killed at night also took the stand and broke down into tears.

When the defense team asked her if she realized it wasn't Lee's bullet that killed Thomas, she responded, "Yes, I understand that and all but it's the point of who started the whole thing. His mom is here. She can see him. I have to go to a grave yard to see mine."

"I only had two children, now I have one and it's hard," she said.

"We understand. We are sorry for your loss and Mr. Lee is sorry," the defense attorney said.

Testimony is expected to continue Thursday in this case. It will likely continue for the rest of the week.

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