Long lines around New Orleans for Powerball tickets

Long lines around New Orleans for Powerball tickets

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Hours before the big Powerball drawing Wednesday night, people flocked to gas stations to purchase last minute tickets.

"It's exciting, it really is," Tiffany Kane said.

Powerball fever has captured the nation!

"Like, this is it. This is the big thing and I'm hoping and praying somebody wins because the anticipation is building and building and building," Lisa Chavis said.

Long lines; common across the country Wednesday.

"This is my first time ever playing, after I seen all the numbers, they said it's in the billions, so yeah, I had to try," Darren Salis said.

Clerks say they can't even keep track of how many have purchased tickets.

At T'Jim's in Metairie, employee Cindy Logrande comments, "Every customer, 20, 100, everybody."

Most chose to let the computer determine their fate.

Ed Lauderdale says, "You can't win unless you play so that's my thinking about it."

Others, creatively came up with winning combinations.

Lorraine Leonard says, "My mom called me today and said Lorraine, I got some numbers for you, I need your birthday and I want you to play these numbers and I'm about to play them."

Michelle Barnhart adds, "I do have 21 for the Powerball."

When asked why 21, Barnhart explains, "It's most of our birthdays, the good luck days."

And of course, buying tickets at just one store simply won't do for serious players.

"I bought one from here but I bought 10 from the West Bank store because that's where I'm from so I have 11 total," Chavis said.

Those odds are astronomically slim. In fact, according to Powerball administrators, the odds of winning are only one in 292 million! But it's still fun to dream about what to do with $1.5 billion.

"I'd be on an island so fast your head would spin," Anthony Elliott said.

Tom Glover comments, "I would travel and send my grandkids to college."

Ray Locantro adds, "Just enjoy life, try to enjoy life and make it a little easier on everyone."

Most say if they hit it big, they're willing to spread the love, or should I say, wealth.

"Most customers promise us they're gonna come back and give us some money, so we've got our hopes up," Shell employee Adel Alyoora said.


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