Knife-wielding man discovered inside Uptown home

Knife-wielding man discovered inside Uptown home

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A terrifying wake-up for some Tulane students who find a man armed with a knife inside their Uptown home early Sunday morning. The incident happened just an hour after a woman, who lives two blocks away, woke to find a stranger standing over her.

"I just remember that he woke me up and was like, your phone was in the middle of the street and here it is," the victim recalled.

The Tulane student, who we're choosing not to identify for her safety, didn't know what was happening when a stranger entered her unlocked Lowerline Street home around 5:00 a.m. Sunday. Her roommates quickly confronted the man.

"She's like, can you please leave now and he pulled his hand up and there's a big bread knife kinda, she thought it was a serrated knife," the victim said.

The students say they locked themselves in a bedroom, until the man left, discovering later, he rummaged through their belongings as they slept and even used a computer.

The victim explains, "He just made this status on her Facebook something about masturbation and then friended a bunch of people and commented on just some nasty stuff."

An hour before that bizarre break-in in the 1200 block, New Orleans police say a 49-year-old woman, in the 1000 block, woke to a man holding his hand over her mouth. She screamed, and the man took off.

"I couldn't even imagine, I don't even know how I would react," one neighbor commented.

Alyssa Cheatham says, "It's always terrifying. You hear about these things happening all the time but when it's so close to home it's just, yeah, it's scary."

Last June, something similar happened to a student living on Broadway Street. She told police a man entered her home while she slept. She woke up with his hand on her mouth. He took off running when she yelled for help.

"I think it's definitely the same person in all of it," Uptown resident Whitney Brady said.

As news of the two break-ins on the street circulates, the mostly college crowd here says they'll be more careful.

"This is definitely something for us to be concerned about," Claire Karam stated.

While the victims we spoke to, know, they're lucky, they weren't hurt.

The students don't remember what the man who broke into their home, looked like. But police say the man responsible for the break-in an hour earlier, is white, with dark hair, and he was possibly wearing a hooded shirt.


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