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City's tribute to David Bowie makes headlines

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New Orleans made national headlines after a Saturday memorial to David Bowie.

The group Arcade Fire teamed up with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to honor the singer with a second line through the French Quarter. The invite went out on Facebook and fans were asked to "dress in your best Bowie outfit or something more strange." 

Arcade Fire front man Win Butler, with a megaphone in hand, sang Bowie tunes while thousands joined in paraded through the French Quarter. 

"Because it was so thick, I only saw as it passed me once, but I saw them playing 'Heroes' and that was pretty amazing," said My Spilt Milk music blogger Alex Rawls. "I was really wondering how Bowie's songs would translate into a New Orleans brass sound, and no surprise people as smart as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band can figure out how to make that translation, and as a result, it sounded really cool."  

The event made national headlines with media outlets like "Rolling Stone" and "The Guardian" picking up the story.  

"The thing I thought was coolest about it was that so many people found a way to very genuinely be a part of the afternoon, whether it was coming in costume, whether it was bringing family," Rawls said. "I was actually at one point standing next to a mom and dad who had their two kids, and it was very clear that it was important to the mom and dad that their kids see this and in some way know something about Bowie." 

It was a tribute like no other in a city that knows how to put on a show. There is no word yet how many people officially attended the memorial parade.

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