Rescued dolphin passes "significant milestone"

Rescued dolphin passes "significant milestone"
Source: Audubon Nature Institute

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A young dolphin founded stranded at a Grand Isle beach three months ago, passed a hearing test, which caregivers call a "significant milestone."

Wildlife workers say the test helps gives them an idea about how the dolphin would fare once it's returned to the wild.

"They (dolphins) need echolocation to find other pods and food," said Gabriella Vazquez, of the Audubon Nature Institute. "If they can't hear, they don't have a chance to survive in the wild."

Dorian S. Houser, Ph.D., of the National Marine Mammal Foundation, administered the hearing test. He said it's, "one of the only ways we can acquire information on hearing in species that are not in human care."

Workers rescued the dolphin on October 26, 2015, following severe weather. At the time, biologists estimated the male dolphin was about two years old.

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