Reward jumps to $35K for info on slain HANO officer

Reward jumps to $35K for info on slain HANO officer

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Crimestoppers is boosting the reward for information on slain HANO officer James Bennett Jr., who was killed while patrolling in May last year.

The reward stood at $10,000, but ATF contributed an extra $25,000 raising the total to $35,000.

"It's definitely worth it, they need the information," said Capt. Kevin Kwon, a Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputy and friend of Bennett's. "There's a piece of the puzzle out there someplace. I talked with Ms. Bennett, and she really just wanted to convey a request: Just please, anyone who knows anything, to come out and provide that information."

After making the announcement, Crimestoppers gave Bennett's mother, Chung Bennett, the Fallen Hero Award during their annual luncheon.

"I wish I could repay, but all I can say is God bless you and be safe," Bennett told the crowd as they gave her a standing ovation.

The New Orleans Police Department is still working around the clock to investigate the murder, according to Police Chief Michael Harrison. Harrison said NOPD has sent DNA evidence to be analyzed but still needs more information to break the case open.

"We're working very hard to use the evidence that we have to find anything we can," Harrison said. "What we really need is someone who actually saw something, who heard something, or who knows something specific."

Crimestoppers is hopeful the increased reward will increase calls to their hotline at (504) 822-1111.

"This is a lot of money, but also time has passed. People may feel a little more comfortable - people talk, people always talk. All we're asking you to do is listen," said Darlene Cusanza, the director of Crimestoppers Greater New Orleans.

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