Krewe d'Etat - Feb. 5

Krewe d'Etat - Feb. 5

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Krewe d'Etat rolls on Friday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Uptown New Orleans.

It follows the traditional Uptown parade route, starting at the intersection of Jefferson Ave. and Magazine St. From there, the parade rolls to Napoleon Ave. and makes a left.

Once it reaches St. Charles Ave., the parade makes a right and heads all the way past Lee Circle to Canal St.

The krewe makes a U-turn at Burgundy St., heads back down Canal St., and ends at Chartres St.

The August members of Le Krewe d'Etat heed only edicts from their Dictator, whose identity is never revealed, and claim the streets of New Orleans annually and present a parade without peer on the Friday before Mardi Gras, or "Vendredi Gras" as it is now known. 

Le Krewe d'Etat emerged in 1996 as the preeminent krewe and now boasts numerous floats with many riders.  It's floats adhere to a traditional style of design that impart Le Krewe d'Etat's satirical theme, which has been voted "Best of Carnival" by critics.  

Le Krewe d'Etat has opened the door for other krewes showing their most sincere form of flattery by trying in vain to imitate what comes naturally to this unique group of Mardi Gras revelers.  

Le Krewe d'Etat was also the forerunner in innovative throws, introducing the most prized catch: glow-in-the-dark beads with flashing green eyes! 

Le Krewe d'Etat is returning to the drafting table to create even more revolutionary designs for next year's parade throws that will be worth more than gold on the French Quarter exchange.

The theme for the parade is, as always, a closely guarded secret.  The Dictator, however, assures his denizens that no rank or office is immune from his wit.  All who preen in public are fair game for this irreverent band of hellions whose battle cry connotes the essence of the organization and, indeed, of Mardi Gras itself:


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